Your Facilitator – Kellita Maloof

Kellita Maloof is an international Artist, Dancer, Director, Teacher, Coach and Mentor. For over 20 years, she has performed, designed, and curated shows all over the world: from San Francisco to New Orleans, Hollywood to Montreal, and Paris to Tokyo.


Her achievements include:  founding award-winning troupe Hot Pink Feathers, Queen of Carnaval San Francisco 2008, 5 x finalist the Burlesque Hall of Fame, and 1st place in Original World Fusion Dance & Choreography  in San Francisco’s Grand Carnaval Festival.


Kellita also integrates into her work, over a decade of practice in transformative modalities, including EFT, Marin-style NLP, Systemic Constellations, Four-Fold way to name a few.


Her mission is to support women in unifying body, mind, heart, spirit & soul, and in expressing the power and beauty that is innate to each and every one.